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YS Built + Christina Mallet photog = Custom Photos of Custom Designed Homes

Recently, my friend Anne, aka ColorDiva, introduced me to a design-ster named Yuval, who was looking to do some unconventional real estate photography.

Yuval’s compmany is called YS Build and they design and creates uber sustainable and modern homes, all custom.

Yuval’s designs and materials are amazing. Seriously, I was ready to ditch my 1903 house the minute I stepped into one of his homes.

I completed my first YS Build ‘gig’, styling and shooting a bathroom, in a recently completed home. My good friend Anna was my super model, I owe her big. She had no idea she was going to make like she dropped trou and she had a raging migrane during the shoot.

And, now I’d love for you do go over and see the beatiful new YS Build website!

Over and out y’all!



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