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Switch Up


I’ve been thinking about how to word this post, for a few days now.

I’ve asked for advice from the people I usually call on when I fear I’m about to bury myself, in that which is ‘over sharing’ (I suffer from a severe case of open book).

The advice received has been contrary to what I’m about to do, which is to tell you exactly how I feel and where I’m coming from.

So, just know that I’m not misguided–I’ve been guided plenty.

Let me explain.


(This is where the lights dim and the accelerated montage begins. This montage is not unlike the finale to 6 Feet Under. Because what epic life changing announcement is without a pop culture reference?)


When I’ve stopped coloring my hair, and my bathing routine comes from a package of moist wipes, like the wipes so a part of my mothering and animal-fur-dust-bunny culling routine, and I’m laying in a bed, a bed that is pretty and fancy with the antique sheets like my mom uses, I don’t want my kids, or grandkids, to ask me about my life and my answer is a run down of business this and business that, and oh gee, the Dept. of Revenue really chaps my hide, etc..

When I’m a really tired old lady, I want to the satisfaction of knowing that my stories, or stories about me, will be illustrations of  a life full of creativity, adventure, daring and fearlessness.

Where is this going? I’ll tell you, read on, please.


[Insert drum roll.]


It’s time for some new scenery, and so I’m bidding my studio space adieu.

I’m moving on to a place I have yet to discover– this is a bit scary but big change and adventure don’t come without some discomfort.


I’m still taking clients, of all sorts.

For portrait work, I have a studio I will be using in the interim, until I nail down a new address.

I’m also taking boudoir clients, but in a creative variety of spaces. Hotel rooms, homes, and even the great outdoors. Yes, you heard right.


So, to those of you reading this who have bared yourself to my studio walls, and have thereby contributed to the amazingly positive energy that is now a part of those walls, I thank you, and so does she (she being the studio).

And may the next person working, and being inside her walls be kind and respectful, and make something beautiful in her walls.


The end.



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