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Seattle’s Fiestas Patrias

I love a good dose foreign culture and so my friend Lori’s invitation to South Park’s Fiestas Patrias was a no brainer.

Lori is a horse person and was invited to the day’s Charreada, byway of her horse-loving friend Cristobal.

Cristobal is from Mexico and is a charro (old school Mexican cowboy {think hacienda-style and old cowboy movies}) and does his charro thing at an event called a charreada, which is essentially a rodeo.However, the event more horse dance party and way less rodeo. So, I now heart dancing Lusitano and Andalusian horses and the Fiestas Patrias!

All of the square photos in BW are iPhone images using Hipstamatic.  The rest of the images were shot on my Contax 645 using Kodak Ektar 100.

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