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Old School Birthday Party Documentation, film.

I’ve been shooting film a lot–like a roll a day. Much of it is medium format from my Contax 645 or my Rolleiflex and to process this sort of film is no Walgreens affair. It takes longer because I send it out to an uber lab, it’s more expensive because of said uber lab’s uber, but when you pay for, you get, and getting it is good.

I’m currently waiting on some 30 rolls of medium format rilm to come back from zee uber lab and because my level of patience is not on par with the analog I partake in, I needed some one hour gratification via regular film. I resurected every 35mm and polaroid camera in my arsenal–the images you see below are of this ilk.

I quite love them because they remind me of the photos from birthday parties I used to go to, back in 1970 something.

Oh, and fittingly enough, these were shot on my 1970 Canon F-1 (aka the tank) circa 1970 and my SX-70 Polaroid Land Camera, also 1970-something and which folds up in the manner I would imagine an armadillo to, if she were a wondertwin activating into a camera (70s-80s reference).

As for the Film? Well, it’s all ‘over-the-counter’ and the developing and scans are 100% Walgreens.

Perfection, no. Documents of the day, yes.

Nuf said.



Mayhem in full color

Armed with many ingredients not found in a co-op


In 20 years they will be doing the same thing, but in a hot tub, perhaps.


Cakes in a Pool is akin to Snakes on a Plane. Dangerous.


Little Cindy LouWho is planning to audition for this fall’s production of Oliver.


Old people showing young people what a polaroid is.

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