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Next Gen Horse Person: Meet Horse Niece

This past weekend we headed out to Duvall, to Horse Sister’s house (aka my sister Tracie). I call her Horse Sister because she’s one of those people, horse people.

There are many horse people in this world. I just did the math and can conclude that everyone must know at least one horse person.

You’ll know you’ve encountered a Horse Person if you find all conversations lead to horses, always.

Horse People also have Horse Stuff.

When I say Horse Stuff, I mean stuff other than the horse itself and the things that go with it.

Horse Stuff is a broad range of … everything.

From door knockers to tea towels, galloping horses are everywhere.

I can’t remember a birthday, or Christmas, when I strayed from the unspoken rule of All Horse, All Day gifts for the Horse People in my life.

Anyway, Greer, my niece, and daughter to Horse Sister, is the next generation of Horse Person in my family, so much so that she’s a professional horse shoer, or farrier.

I love shoes, but loving horse shoes I do not. Greer does.

So, because I had my camera with me, which I’ve been consciousness doing that a lot lately, I’m able to show you Horse Niece.

These top two images are my favs–I quite love them together.

Clippitty Cloppitty,




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