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Location Portraits of Mia and Erin, on Film

Mia and Erin are my neighbors and fab ones at that.

Ever since returning from the Film is Not Dead workshop in D.C., I have been shooting personal work like crazy.

I’ve been burning through about a roll of medium-format, 120, film per day.

Jonathan Canlas, the man behind the ‘undead film’ is an uber proponent of photographers shooting personal work–I’ve certainly taken that to heart and practice.

I’m happy to report that shooting what I want has been the best creative and soul-feeding move I’ve ever done.

I’ve boosted my technical skill and creativity and I’m learning more and having more fun then I can remember.

In come my nice neighbors–Mia and Erin were nice enough to sit  for me and for that I’m super thankful.

I think we created some nice documents of this stunning mother-daughter duo.

Thanks neighbors.



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