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Portraits of The Purveyor of Curated Fashion from Afar

When I first worked with Jennifer, a couple of years back for a boudoir-esque kinda shoot, I learned she was newly single and on the precipice of doing something really adventurous.

It wasn’t until she contacted me last month, that I understood the extent at which she would adventure.


Jen’s adventure consisted of packing her bags and moving to Paris, for two years–La Vie Parisian.


As if I weren’t already envious, get this: She used her new address as a spring board for extensive travel to places that are listed on the little bottles in my spice drawer, like India.


Now that she’s back in the PNW, she’s decided to launch her own business. Take note cause it’s going to be all kinds of awesome.

Remember my spice drawer? Well, what Jen is launching will turn our closets into big spice drawers, but in a vegan and gluten-free kind of way.


If I were to make Jen’s new business card, it would read like this.


Purveyor of Curated Fashion from Afar


I want me some.

When her new site goes live, I’ll be sure to shout it out.

But in the mean time, take a look see at our session, below.

Happy Day Friday,


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