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I’m one of the XMen

It would seem that I have a super power, of sorts. But my superpower isn’t that cool and doesn’t come with a cape. Instead it’s very annoying and hassle making. I’m pretty sure it’s the root of all of my technology problems.

Technology problems being:

1. Watches die on me, within a week of putting them on.
2. Computers go haywire. I have a hallway closet full of dead cpu’s, external hard drives and laptops, despite having built in tech support by my computer scientist husband.
3. My office light, where I spend most of my days, constantly burns out. I have to change the fluorescent bulb about 3-4 times a year. I don’t leave it on when I’m not there and the bulbs are those super duper this will last for X years sort.
3. iPhones lose 1% power every 5 minutes while they are in my hand.

Re the iPhone thing, I had this confirmed while at the apple store. They tested my battery, it checked out. They wiped the phone and reinstalled the iOS. We sat for 20 mins, with my phone on the table, waiting to see if the battery lost any power. It didn’t and I left with 85% power.

Now I’m home, in the central district, approx. 5 miles away from the apple store. I am writing this on a phone that now has 55% power. The only apps on this newly wiped phone are FB and WordPress. All location services are disabled, no Bluetooth, nothing.

A quick search leads to all sorts of info on electrokenesis.
Help! Is there anyone else who has this electrical stuff happen?

P.S. ideas about how to monetize this are welcome.


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