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Emiline in Spring

Happy Spring!

Three cheers to the season of new blooms and new color!

The images you see below are of my pals’ daughter Emiline.

While we were basking in the glory which is Vitamind D, I grabbed my camera to record Emiline in her colorful Easter outfit, against the green green grass and the vibrant new blooms on my quince bush.

Just so you know, you’re not suddently color blind, I promise– the images below are indeed black and white.

Why no color? There are a few reasons:

With portraits, I feel like I can see someone’s character and personality, better.
And at nature’s most colorful times (e.g. autumn foliage & sunsets), I’m drawn to seeing them in b&w.

This preference probably comes from my easily distractible brain which finds calm and focus in b&w.

Or, maybe it’s because growing up, I used to watch a lot of nature documentaries on a b&w television–I was conviced I was seeing color.

What do you think? You haven’t seen the color but if you were to see them side by side, which would you be drawn to? Tell me in the comments–I’d really like to know.

Happy Monday,



  • April 2, 2013 - 2:05 pm

    catherine bonney - First color blind I think is just a different way of seeing husband taught me that. I don’t need to see color to know it’s Spring. I hear birds, frogs, squirrels, and chipmunks being very busy and loud. I’m lucky where I live there aren’t city sounds I love those too, yet early spring with the sun out, sitting in the midst of our meadow with eyes closed we can almost hear the worms turning the compost, until the Stellar’s Jay and Gray Jays show up and start battles. Pygmy owl at night. And last but not least the smell of Spring. Your Photography is beautiful and I agree B&W shows something MORE that color can’t.ReplyCancel

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