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Change. I’ve Got Some.

Actually, I don’t carry money so the above statement isn’t totally true, but then again it is, but only if we’re talking about mixing things up, taking big ol risks, doing whats necessary but uncomfortable–this change I do have.

I’m going to cut right to it. Here comes some rapid-fire change. Ready?

1. Sarah, my long time assistant and friend since the 7th grade, is no longer working  as Studio Pilot. This means I’ll be interacting more with clients via email and doing the scheduling.

2. On the note of interacting more with clients, I’m making a big change in the way I run the studio. This change comes from me feeling like I want more time with my clients. So, for starters, online proofing  is bye bye.

After I’ve served up fresh squeezed creative energy, byway of a session and the resulting images, I upload them to an online gallery for the Lovely Lady Client to view and order whatever it is she’d like.  By not showing my clients their images in person, I miss the chance to get what is so important to me, and artists everywhere, namely, the satisfaction of creating art, sharing it, and lovingly sending it off to a new owner (aka Lovely Lady Client). Don’t get me wrong, online proofing has its benefits. It’s convenient, it’s green, it’s cost effective, but for me, it has run its course. Dear online proofing, it’s not me, it’s you. I need more. I need more interaction with my clients and so with that, I bid adieu to you. “But how will I view my images?” you ask. Well Lovely Lady Clients this is when we set up a post-session meeting for the big reveal. This unveiling can happen at the studio, you home, at happy hour, over coffee, basically where ever and when ever works best for you.

3. Another giganto change I’m implementing revolves around digital negatives. But first, before I go down this road, please take out your phone.

Question: How many photos do you have on your phone? How many have you printed?

I currently have 863 photos on my phone and not one of them has made it to Printsville. I don’t print them, wish I did, but I don’t. Do you ever wish the same?

Okay, back to where I was going, namely gigantic change and digital files. So, it’s like this: I want to make things for my clients using the images I created for them. Prints,  books, albums, canvases, etc, I want to make them. Giving clients disks does not amount to awesome art on display, or super special coffee table books, or the best present ever. Instead, it leads to …. nothing.  As an artist, this breaks my heart. I spend a lot of time shooting and being all jazzy behind the camera, my Lovely Lady Clients labor over their loveliness pre-session and then, the end result is a measly flat plastic thingy, a disk. I know this may sound corny, but I really feel like I’m doing my clients a disservice by not using my god given talents to turn their photos into art, after all, that’s why people hire professional photographers, right?

A bunch of jpegs on a disk is not art, it’s a commodity. I didn’t become a photog to distribute a commodity.

It pains me knowing that there are katrillions of discs in this world, brimming with megabytes of beautiful photographs, trapped in junk drawers. And so Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m taking a stand. A stand to ensure a better future for Lovely Clients, their beautiful images,  and their photog creators, everywhere.  I know that my small change may not amount to much on the global-photo abuse-scale, but GoshGolly! Change starts right here! Change starts with me! (Please read this last paragraph as if you were reading a script for Portlandia [inotherwords: I’m being ridicky to make you, me, laugh.])

So, what do you think of this? Have any comments? Concerns? Opinions? Do tell.





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