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Cape Town Fire Damage on Black and White Film

I went out to an area called Silver Mine, which is a part of Table Mountain National park, to view the damage done byView full post »

My Ode To The 12th

Last year, before, during and after The Superbowl, which we won, Seattle transformed in a football city beaming withView full post »

Flea Market Fun

I’ve been missing thrift shopping here in Cape Town, but I found the Milnerton Flea Market and that did me right.View full post »

Mallet’s in Cape Town

Here’s a recap of Capetonian life so far. Mallets in Cape Town: the beginning After packing 11,000 poundsView full post »

Seattle’s Fiestas Patrias

I love a good dose foreign culture and so my friend Lori’s invitation to South Park’s Fiestas Patrias was aView full post »

Jessica in the Market

My brother-in-law Victor, and his lovely girlfriend Jessica who reminds me of Princess Diana, visited us on their wayView full post »

Beacon Hill Skate Park

My seven-year-old, Xander, skates, and I’m sort of the reason why. See, it’s like this: When I was in Jr.View full post »

Carp Lips

Earlier this summer I ventured out to the Japanese Garden in the Arboretum. It’s quite lovely and serene, exceptView full post »

Hydrocephalus Walk, 2013

Every summer we do the Hydrocephalus Walk with and in support of our dear friends Lori and Paul, and their son WilliamView full post »

The ‘Island’

I grew up in Redmond, back when Redmond was rural and Microsoft had only two employees, Steve & Bill. None of myView full post »

Xander as ‘The Creative’

I’ve been trying to organize the masses of professional and personal archives. Occasionally, I come upon photosView full post »

Fremont is the center of the universe, especially at Summer Solstice.

Fremont, a neighborhood north of downtown, is known for its quirk and its Solstice parade, where local color and skinView full post »

Location Portraits of Mia and Erin, on Film

Mia and Erin are my neighbors and fab ones at that. Ever since returning from the Film is Not Dead workshop in D.C., IView full post »

Summer People Watching

Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill is, in my opinion, the best park in the city because it has awesome views of downtown, aView full post »

Old School Birthday Party Documentation, film.

I’ve been shooting film a lot–like a roll a day. Much of it is medium format from my Contax 645 or myView full post »

Jessica’s Location Boudoir Session.

Jessica and I worked together a couple of weeks back to do something daring, a full boudoir session in the greatView full post »

FINDers Keepers

Shooting professionally, after being a photog school dropout, happened in a whirlwind sort of way. Everything thatView full post »

Lovely Client + Red Shoes

A while back I donated a session to a fancy auction and I got to work with this lovely lady and her red shoes!View full post »

Next Gen Horse Person: Meet Horse Niece

This past weekend we headed out to Duvall, to Horse Sister’s house (aka my sister Tracie). I call her HorseView full post »

Switch Up

I’ve been thinking about how to word this post, for a few days now. I’ve asked for advice from theView full post »

My Mama, on Mother’s Day

This is my Mom, Sheryl. She’s pretty fab. She’s a smart, sophisticated, and crafty fashionista who can cookView full post »


I wanted to show you this image with a really profound, deep, and heady quote about life and thorns and whatnot. ButView full post »

I’m Back, Stateside

I’m now 2 weeks back from my trip to Ghana, a trip that unfortunately wasn’t a vacation but instead, sadly,View full post »

Ghana, via Montana

The Husband and I are on our way to Accra, the capitol of Ghana. This is the view 30k ft up, over Montana. Leaving JFKView full post »

I’m one of the XMen

It would seem that I have a super power, of sorts. But my superpower isn’t that cool and doesn’t come withView full post »

Emiline in Spring

Happy Spring! Three cheers to the season of new blooms and new color! The images you see below are of my pals’View full post »

An Inter-Species Office Romance

Sally and Harry came to the studio to celebrate their recent engagement. I asked them how they met and it turns outView full post »

A Pig Walks into a Studio, etc, etc

My client, a trader on the commodities market, needed new head shots. Our session was cut short when he received anView full post »

YS Built + Christina Mallet photog = Custom Photos of Custom Designed Homes

Recently, my friend Anne, aka ColorDiva, introduced me to a design-ster named Yuval, who was looking to do someView full post »

Portraits of The Purveyor of Curated Fashion from Afar

When I first worked with Jennifer, a couple of years back for a boudoir-esque kinda shoot, I learned she was newlyView full post »

Featured Photog on Little Bellows

Hi y’all. This week on Little Bellows, I’m featuring the mobile phone photos of the Virginia basedView full post »